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Tony Fernandes, Dato' Pahamin Ab. Prawira, 2. A well balanced framework of accountability that is based on clear communication and understanding of roles and responsibilities across the organisation. Therefore, the industry is categorized as having low threat of entry. Or it might be that AirAsia is purchasing its own shares from the market to reduce the dividends paid off. The World Airline Awards in Farnborough, England ranked the airline as the world's best low-cost airline. AirAsia, Financial statements are useful based on the principle whereby the past performance is a good indicator of future performance and the future performance must build upon the current position. In particular, EV is not a suitable metric for financial institutions because interest is a critical component of both revenue and expenses. The receivables might due mainly from its 21 Financial Performance Analysis of Air Asia Bhd FY subsidiaries or customers trading with credit terms ranged from 30 to 60 days. Besides, due to the high volume of customers served each year, the percentage of customers giving ratings will also contribute to award winning of AirAsia.

Did you know? The joint venture with the largest online booking website —Expedia, forming AirAsia Expedia is one of the efforts justifying the growth strategy. Due to the high equity retained by AirAsia, it can determine that AirAsia may continue to succeed in the future.

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The Group intends to continue to focus on affordable segment with innovative packages and to position itself as one of the leading property brands in the market. This research aimed to find out what are the strategies AirAsia Berhad implemented to deserve the award and how their financial performance justify whether AirAsia can continue to succeed in near future. Firstly, its experience of being in this industry for long time contributes to the already established service standard, operational expertise, infrastructure readiness, as well as bargaining power with suppliers. Air Asia Berhad is the only Malaysian-based low cost airline and also a pioneer of low- cost travel in Asia. The goal of financial statement analysis is to derive from financial statements the information needed to make informed decisions. The property development activities of the Hua Yang Group are currently being undertaken on their land bank which are located mainly in Klang Valley, Perak and Johor and for more than 30 years, Hua Yang have built reputation in providing and delivering quality and passion to the public. The higher the ratio, the more comfortable the creditors feel. Ineffective utilization of assets results in the need for more finance, unnecessary interest costs, and a lower return on the capital employed. Share this:. AirAsia, Air Asia maintains its market leadership position across the nation with a carefully crafted code of conduct. It focuses on providing high-frequency services on short-haul, point-to-point domestic and international routes, single class and no frills service within four hour radius from its hubs.

Source : Skytrax, 3. Capital structure ratios include debt to equity and debt to asset ratios, and liquidity ratios include coverage ratios and solvency ratios. Tony Fernandes, Dato' Pahamin Ab. Although from the earlier ratios, it was justified that AirAsia was investing through borrowings and the profit reduced due to rising competition in the market, if the investment did not reap the profit as expected, AirAsia might face difficulty in meeting its financial obligation.

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AirAsia, Air Asia maintains its market leadership position across the nation with a carefully crafted code of conduct.

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Airasia Bhd (AIRA) Financial Summary