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The essay presents learning as an authoritative "product", rather than the gradual process by which new learning is assimilated, through reading, discussion and personal reflection. By collecting real-world models for organization, students can start to see the varied and rich ways that their ideas can be expressed—that their writing no longer needs to be tied down to 5 paragraphs.

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Students can play around with the possibilities, deciding where their sentence might best fit. Come to it any way but lightly.

teachable alternatives to the 5 paragraph essay

Although essays are an important part of any English or social studies curriculum, students may benefit from completing other, more creative assignments.

In this they review the relationship between the separate pieces and describe where they feel they now stand in relation to the ideas of the course. Let me say it again: You must not come lightly to the blank page.

Analytic Teams pp. For example, a nursing student describing a procedure to a patient or a legal studies student describing a law to a client.

Kill the 5 paragraph essay

Email Teachers know what to expect from five-paragraph essays, too. A poster could also illustrate responding to an earlier thought, such as correcting a misconception, refuting an argument, revising a theory, and the like. Share This Story. The New York Times has a useful introduction to teaching with infographics. The genre of the academic poster is a staple in the natural and social sciences, displayed at conferences and other meetings to share research findings with peers, and students in these fields begin practicing these ways of going public fairly early. Analytic Teams pp. Students can take on this role of editor, acting as curator and commentator as they establish a sense of authority and ownership over the material Chick, Both the writing and the grading are neat and orderly. Poster Highlighting a Close Reading Click to enlarge.

Blog posts can encourage students to learn more about their passions and how to share them with others. In class, students read their passage and share their thoughts, engaging in discussion with peers.

Writing dialogue and actions can help students understand characters, motivations, chemistry, and how to structure a story in logical ways. Many students need that predictability.

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Beyond the Essay, III