An overview of the conflicts in all my sons by arthur miller

Chris believes his parents dehumanised him "if I were human anymore". However, in a sense Joe still remains fairly selfish as he kills himself rather than going to jail and owning up to what he did. Following Joe reading Larry's letter he also takes his own life. The appearance of George tightens the vice grip on poor Joe Keller. This is dilemma that it universal, however much it might be exaggerated by the circumstances of the play. Big Event 2. After the gunshot, a few lines follow to the end of the play. George follows Chris in accepting that Steve is guilty, now as he knows about Joe's guilt he reproaches Chris for - as he sees it - deceiving him. Chris obviously loves his father as he negates his own happiness to support his family, making Chris's dilemma at the end of the play all the more believable, he is stuck between doing the morally right thing and protecting his own father. However, that same hero also has his flaws, which brings him to his downfall. The memorial apple tree is a tribute for Larry with complicated meaning as Kate hopes for his return while the rest use it to commemorate the lost family. Joes comments to Chris emphasise his ignorance and isolation, he wants Chris to take on the family business and doesn't seem to understand that Chris doesn't necessarily want to do this: Keller: You've got a business here, what the hell is this?

Joe claims he shipped off the damaged parts for his family however, the repetition of the word 'business' suggests he had his own wealth and success in mind rather than for the benefit of anyone else. The planes crash and kill twenty-one men.

Climax Chris reads aloud Larry's harrowing suicide letter. The emotional peak of the play, this letter forces Joe to change his point of view.

This is the central conflict of the play- a belief of working only for the good of the immediate family versus a belief that one should work towards the greater good of humanity. Let them take 40 years, let them take my life away George believes Joe is guilty, not only of shipping faulty parts but of pinning the crime on George's father. In a way his father has metaphorically killed his idealism which only emphasises the fact the that he is now 'practical' highlighting the change to Chris and his personality. Conclusion Kate, Chris, and Ann are left with the tragic consequences of Joe's life and death. Miller manages to make Larry ever present in the play through the way he permeates the play and All My Sons Critical Questions words - 5 pages What is there to be said about a mothers love? He stumbles away covering his face Joes response suggests he doesn't believe his father's errors can be seen as human and they are worse than 'animal', "no animal kills his own" which links back and dismisses comments made earlier in the text about the error being 'human'. Part 5: change in characters Joe However, the same cannot be said for Joe, as his conflict with Chris only strengthens his self resolve and he goes deeper into self denial. I'm practical now. This is dilemma that it universal, however much it might be exaggerated by the circumstances of the play. This situation creates a time bomb waiting to explode. In this play, a woman in a small town whose son has been missing in action for several years refuses to give up her hope that he is indeed alive. Either way, no real responsibility is taken which leads to Millers idea of the country being selfish. Foreshadowing The writer has utilized the power of foreshadowing to indicate a future incident or confirm a past reality.

For example he portrays Chris to be a man that feels guilty about the money he owns because he gets it out of a business that does not value the labor it relies on, but on the other hand Joe, his father, is portrayed to be a man that will sacrifice almost anything, including his dignity, for the success of his business.

The conflict in the text lies between the two main characters, Joe the father and Chris the son. Chris saws off the broken tree which was planted in remembrance of his brother Larry, leaving only a stump.

all my sons themes

To Chris this whole idea of individualism and working solely toward the prosperity of your immediate family is only a form of egoism. It deals with the search for truth among so many lies, with betrayal and the inability of taking on responsibility. Suspense Joe disappears inside.

The conflict arises because of Joe's actions and the difference between Joe's isolationist personality and ideals and Chris's idealistic personality and ideals.

An overview of the conflicts in all my sons by arthur miller

Voice The story has characters with independent viewpoints and strong voices.

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All My Sons Plot Analysis