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Rockefeller was another monopolist. Besides its economic growth, the Gilded Age handle changes in social divisions.

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All of these monopolists became very huge and well known and had very important influences on the American way of life. It was a period of both prosperity and poverty.

In the asses most Americans were farmers, but by about half of the U.

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The growth of railroads was a huge impact on American society. Monopolists or the growth of railroads and the rise of cities are DOD examples of things that changed American society. Monopolists had so much control over their industry that they had little or no competition. He grew up through many changes in history including the gilded age and industrialization. Businesses could do whatever they wanted to if there was no en to compete against. The Gilded Age, also know as the Second Industrial Revolution, was a peak of high economic development with the rise of technological advancements in a free market environment, meaning that the economy was driven by self-interest instead of government authority. He conquered many industries such as the railroad and steel, and even tried to monopolize the shipping industry Document 6. Industrialization was taking over the formerly agricultural country. Then the next era would be the Progressive Era beginning from where the Gilded Age left off till around Gilded items are covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint, which hides all that is inside. This period starts from the Civil War came to an end in the up to Chicago was a zeitgeist for the Gilded Age, with railroads flowing in and out from all over the country; its no wonder Chicago became a hub for both economic productivity and turmoil.

Monopolists had so much control over their industry that they had little or no competition. However, this was not the case because underneath this initial viewpoint, there was poverty and injustice that lined the streets of every urban city.

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Mark Twain was born November 30, in Missouri.

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