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Students find quotes from the novel to support this — Conflict, Survival, Bonds of Family, Different worlds and cultures, Power and Powerlessness List 3 problems Jamal faced on his journey to Australia. Using sensory words, describe what you might possibly smell, see, hear, taste and touch when walking around on the boat.

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The questions should explore the feelings and actions of the character in the story. Compare what Jamal believed about Omars family with what Omar revealed about his family. What gives them hope? Was it similar or stark in contrast?

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Would you have dealt with them any differently? Meanwhile, governments make decisions which can be hard to understand - especially when we get to know the individuals involved. Role play, visual images on screen during reading, discussions as a class or small groups, brain storming, guest speaker? Consider the treatment of Jamal, Bibi, Rashida and Omar in light of this written response. Develop respect and tolerance for diversity in our community. Describe an experience in your life when you faced a challenging situation. Reflection: How will I evaluate the effectiveness of this unit?

Throughout their journey, people take advantage of Jamal and his family and the other refugees. Share work and discuss key parts from their journey to Australia.

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Another element students can look at is the obligation of countries to refugees. Write an email to Morris Gleitzman or the Australian authorities, asking at least 5 questions which will help you understand better the issues explored in Boy Overboard.

Do you agree or disagree?

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Week 7 Recap Narrative writing.

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