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InLuther was summoned to Augsburg, a city in southern Germany, to defend his opinions before an imperial diet assembly. Tetzel devised a scheme to sell indulgences, which means that anyone with money could buy an indulgence, and would be promised forgiveness of all sins — past and future.

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People who believe that indulgences will let them live in salvation will always be damned — along with those who teach it. This is because of loving others, love grows and you become a better person. Salvation can be sought for through the church as it has been granted this by Christ. For Luther, the true treasure of the church is the gospel of Jesus Christ. But when he wrote nearly points of debate in Latin, Luther was simply inviting fellow academics to a "Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," the theses' official title. Therefore the Holy Spirit through the pope is kind to us insofar as the pope in his decrees always makes exception of the article of death and of necessity. In reality, posting theses for a disputation would have been routine. To suppress the above is to expose the church for what it is and to make true Christians unhappy. However, the Holy Spirit will make exceptions to this when required to do so. Nor does it seem proved that souls in purgatory, at least not all of them, are certain and assured of their own salvation, even if we ourselves may be entirely certain of it.

The pope should have more desire for devout prayer than for ready money. This shameless preaching of pardons makes it hard even for learned men to defend the pope's honor against calumny or to answer the indubitably shrewd questions of the laity.

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But when he wrote nearly points of debate in Latin, Luther was simply inviting fellow academics to a "Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," the theses' official title. At the end of his life, Luther turned strident in his views, and pronounced the pope the Antichrist, advocated for the expulsion of Jews from the empire and condoned polygamy based on the practice of the patriarchs in the Old Testament.

Theses 39 and 40 argue that indulgences make true repentance more difficult. This was in reference to the obelisks used to mark heretical passages in texts in the Middle Ages.

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In theses 27—29, he attacks the idea that as soon as payment is made, the payer's loved one is released from purgatory. On December 10,Luther publicly burned the letter.

This leads to the conclusion that the truly repentant person, who alone may benefit from the indulgence, has already received the only benefit the indulgence provides.

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Any Christian — dead or alive — can gain the benefit and love of Christ without an indulgence. A papal pardon cannot remove guilt. Luther became increasingly fearful that the situation was out of hand and that he would be in danger. He states that everyday Christians do not understand the doctrine and are being misled. Christians are to be taught that if the pope knew the exactions of the indulgence preachers, he would rather that the basilica of St. Luther's teachings and translations radically changed Christian theology. The pope should give his own money to replace that which is taken from pardoners. To placate his opponents, he published a Sermon on Indulgences and Grace , which did not challenge the pope's authority. He commissioned many of the attractions that astound modern-day visitors to Rome. He is richer than Croesus. That cannot be confirmed, but in archeologists discovered Luther's lavatory, which was remarkably modern for its day, featuring a heated-floor system and a primitive drain. Indulgences only offer Man something which has been agreed to by Man. We say on the contrary that even the present pope, or any pope whatsoever, has greater graces at his disposal, that is, the gospel, spiritual powers, gifts of healing, etc.

Who knows whether all souls in purgatory wish to be redeemed, since we have exceptions in St. Around this time, he began using the name "Luther" and sometimes "Eleutherius", Greek for "free", rather than "Luder".

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