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Regulation is another area where federal policies hinder Canada's growth prospects. With the modernized Canada Music Fund, Alina will have access to more resources and tools to market her music on digital platforms, and will be able to spend more time touring to help her music be heard at home and abroad.

As well, the project team will be testing and implementing the calculation and confidentiality of quintile, quartile and decile statistics, developing an output formatting tool and improving user experience through an enhanced graphical user interface.

Across virtually all dimensions of organizational culture, an entrepreneurial approach brings innovative, creative, and shared thinking and problem solving.

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Build public-private partnerships In the short term, the federal public service simply cannot staff up quickly enough to meet the needs of its ambitious strategy.

Maintaining this strong engagement and corporate culture is the key to future success. Compared to the general Canadian population, veterans experience higher levels of physical and mental health challenges, including higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain and suicide.

Given that 37 percent of ICT workers in Canada are immigrants, most of whom are not bilingual in both official languages, this presents another barrier to attracting diverse talent. When software development is completed at the end of this fiscal year, thorough testing of the revised business processes will be carried out to ensure that Statistics Canada will be able to provide reliable and timely dissemination of data.

Statistics Canada is committed to removing obstacles to access while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of respondents. Analytical program The Analysis of Socio-economic Statistics Program will continue to conduct a range of statistical analyses, with a focus on documenting ongoing changes in the Canadian labour force, including trades and apprentices; changing skills and occupational requirements; immigrant outcomes; and local labour markets.

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Today, 6. Embracing innovative practices and embedding a gender and diversity lens on the ways in which it defines digital skills, thinks about pathways to digital roles and challenges traditional structures and processes will ensure not only that the playing field is level, but also that it has the talent needed to provide accessible, digitally enabled services for Canadians.

Further details on the Indigenous Growth Fund can be found in Chapter 3. Apply accountability mechanisms, including measurable targets which are distinct from quotas and regular reporting, to set goals and track progress on the recruitment, development and advancement of digital talent.

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Budget Chapter 4