Case study on ryanair business strategy evaluation

Substitutes still cannot form a huge threat for Ryanair, with the advantage of shorter travel time, especially for those trips like overseas and cross-channel.

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The aim is to break-even on fares but to make their profits out of ancillary charges and commissions from their partners. They are the leading carrier in Europe with ever increasing profits. Why has Ryanair been successful thus far? If a capacity target cannot be reached discounts are offered to increase demand. Ryanairs fleet comprises Boeing with capacity of , of which the density of passenger seats help increase the passenger quantity, and therefore with a high percentage of full booked flights the company can achieve an overall high net profit. Their staff total for last year was 2,, www. But the takeover planning was rejected by the Irish government. Their primary market, Europe, had the availability of high speed trains and car holidays. The British increasing air passenger duty for short-haul flights and similar tax in Ireland is predicted to cause the passenger numbers fall BBC, Employees are expected to pay for their own uniform and equipment. Shaw, S. OConnell et al. Accessed 27th July

Although inOLeary stated the postpone decision of this plan, however, if the facilities, mainly the aircrafts are ready for use, the plan may be put into effect immediately.

Airline network news and analysis website The successful acquisition of Buzz in helped Ryanair to gain immediate access to 11 new French regional airports, and also made Ryanair the largest airline at London Stansted Airport, according to Ryanairs website.

Should Ryanair continue to pursue the Aer Lingus bid?

Case study on ryanair business strategy evaluation

Staff are also expected to take on a number of roles, cabin staff will also clean the aircraft prior to the next service, check in staff assist in boarding the aircraft etc.

The streamline operation through complete online business, small staff numbers, and energy saving measures achieves a low cost business structure.

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Would you recommend any changes to Ryanair's approach? The essay tries to find out why the organisation can do so. This means that between now and Ryanair will have firm aircraft and options for another , allowing them to grow to over 70 million passengers per year. Their staff total for last year was 2,, www. Recently customers have claimed that the destinations offered by Ryanair are misleading as they fly to the regional airports near to the destination city advertised which can sometimes be miles away. D, Introduction The jungle of business in the airline industry has been reinforced by the introduction of an innovative ideathe no-frills carriers, which is becoming customers new favourite. The simplified operation processes, which are quite feasible for short-haul operation, provide Ryanair the quick reaction ability to the external changes such as political ones. The high fixed costs for operating scheduled flights necessitate a relatively high passenger number to at least break even. Ryanair constantly offers its passengers the lowest fares in Europe, www. Before Ryanairs first step into the no-frills arena is a strategy decision milestone. Shaw, S. Additionally, the periodical evaluation can identify the strategic position changes and the organisations capability, and is very useful to make strategy modifications. Ryanair accused of unfair advertising. Also the ever rocketing airport charges worsen the situation for Ryanair.

Technological — Ryanair was able to demonstrate how to make use of modern technology in order to save the costs. In the first half, analyses as to the companys strategic position and its capability are given to figure out the key factors that influence the strategic management.

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Ryanair, ; Ryanair, Also, the economies of scale are a barrier, as the low fares and high efficiency operation 3 with airplanes of the same model in use in Ryanair. Keeping cutting fares compounds the pressure to make a profit; as a result the company must try even harder to find a way out. Related Articles:. When the carrier was established over twenty years ago they only had fifty one members of staff on their payroll. Ryanair should also create a frequent flyer program to establish a fixed customer base and encourage customer loyalty. By listing the opportunities and threats in Ryanairs business environment, the analysis aims to indentify the strengths and weakness relevant to its capability to deal with those changes in the environment. In order to sustain priced-based advantage, Ryanair adopts three types of strategies mainly: 7 Low margins with high sales volume The high oil price and fares cutting squeeze the net margin per seat. Their primary market, Europe, had the availability of high speed trains and car holidays. Many staff are employed on performance contracts and those who do not meet their expectations are readily replaced. Mintel finds out the short break abroad has been a trend for UK people.

A low price strategy is a sustainable strategy as we can see from other and similar organizations like Ikea, Southwest, Aldi etc. No additional expenses are required for this.

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In the second half, detailed exploration of Ryanairs practical measures to deal with the external pressures and develop itself has found out the secret of the organisations success.

The firms CEO Michael OLeary announced that the dramatic cuts in flights and capacity by lots of carriers caused decreasing traffic at many of Europes major airports. The budget airline industry requires a solid financing back and experience is a plus for success.

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Strategic Analysis and Evaluation of Ryanair