Cub scout wood projects

Pre-cut the wood.

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Add sealant to protect from the elements. If your Cub Scouts make the tables, let me know! Perhaps the craft becomes something useful in another camp activity, like musical instruments, costumes or props for a skit; raingutter boats for a later regatta; lures to be used at the fishing station.

The hardest part for the boys is connecting the center support.

cub scout day camp wood projects

Because day camps frequently cover several days and several sessions at the crafts lodge, day camp projects can be larger in scope that that for a typical den meeting. Be patient! Boys can also make individual frames to take home or to give to mothers as an appreciation gift.

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By entering your email, you'll also get lots of other Cub Scout tips and tricks in my weekly email. Frames can be painted, stained or left natural if you have interesting wood to use.

Baloo the builder wood projects

Have plenty of helpers. I hate going to a camp and seeing boys struggling with poorly maintained tools which are impossible to use. Glue framing together and reinforce with staples on the back. Cut two 2-byinch pieces of wood 18 inches long. Frames This can be a quick and versatile project for Cub Scouts. I realize this is a kid project, but a handle that easily separates from the box while the child is trying to carry stuff is going to be discouraging. Keep your lumber covered. Use a miter box to cut the four sides at degree angles. Let him make all final decisions and do as much of the work as possible. Is your adjective a pun? Start with the official Boy Scouts of America kit and teach boys how to shape the cars by using different tools. Dens can work on one large frame together and use it to frame a den advancement chart to be displayed at pack meetings. Thanks for publishing this great project here. Time Needed to Build Table Our boys go to the wood shop for two back-to-back 50 minute sessions on two consecutive days. One change I made is that I will be using carpenter's glue instead of hot glue, as some others have suggested.
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Woodworking Projects for Beginners