How to write a good plot twist

Gasp Factor In which the twist is an unexpected plot event that attempts to accomplish one objective only: make the audience gasp. Readers won't expect another radical reveal so soon after the initial twist. Fight Club.

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So subtle that these hints may not even be noticed by readers the first time around, but looking back, will make perfect sense. Foreshadowing Is Key Foreshadowing directly coincides with the "revealing" type of plot twist.

How can I drop the gimmicks and depend more on the strength of the narrative to build my twist? How can the flashback aid in pushing the story forward? Make your reveal. If a plot twist exists simply for the sake of being shocking or dramatic, readers will see right through it and may even feel cheated, which is the last thing you want.

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Let your characters fumble around, messing up because they are missing one, important fact. What will they do?

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Gone Girl's Plot Twist: How to Write Your Own