How to write a sermon with ease

Therefore, I decided to form the main preaching point and sub-points as follows: There are three ways to resist deadly temptation. When you do your research of this passage of Scripture, you will find that the subject matter is related to temptation and how we can resist it.

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Introduction: Three ways to resist deadly temptation Understand the source of temptation Understand the steps in temptation Understand the solution for temptation Conclusion: Using this same outlining method, you can also expand and explain one of your sub-points.

All of the above electronic options allow users to create their own notes and tie them to specific Bible verses for future reference.

From this perspective, my approach to writing an inspiring sermon is to ask and answer a series questions. Please email us with questions or comments. Electronic editions of the Bible make word searching instantaneous, though concordances still serve a similar purpose.

What's Missing Inside You? As I read a passage in its entirety, I take notes and jot down preliminary questions as I go.

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How to Write a Sermon: 15 Steps (with Pictures)