Is faustus a tragic hero

doctor faustus as a spiritual tragedy

This aspect and feature is part of the human condition and adds to the realism of the character and of the play. He was also very proud and not satisfied with the things he got.

If we look at the opening scene then we will notice that he was unhappy because he grew tired of life. He wants to be the master of his own fate. This aspect of his character was as a result of the Renaissance period, unlike the medieval period, the dominance of fate upon human life became as a matter of ignorance.

Dr faustus as a renaissance tragedy

Therefore, the dominance of science shadowed upon individuals thought. Faustus wanted to support his own plot to make his own decision. Faustus can also be a tragic hero according to following reasons: Firstly because Dr. Hence according to the aspects which I elaborated on, I can describe Dr. I think that the main problem of Doctor Faustus is that he was proud and he was greedy. How am I glutted with conceit of this! Some consider him a tragic hero, while others would argue he better fulfills the role of a villain. There may be some who do pity Faustus, while other may feel no pity for this character. The readers and audience may also assume that he is renown, because the citizens of Thebes come to Oedipus, when the city is attacked with plague, in the prologue. Before moving on further, we should discuss about the definition of a tragic hero.

However, this is not enough. He is an arrogant, self-aggrandizing man, but his ambitions are so grand that we cannot help being impressed, and we even feel sympathetic toward him. That is why, I think that his tragic flow was pride and thirst.

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