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External Recruitment is a little different as it involves the hunting of prospective employees from outside the organisation. External recruitment Of course, hiring internally can be great in certain situations, but there are also certain cases in which an external recruitment strategy will be more effective.

Internal Recruitment is a cost effective process. If they work with their full efforts, then the organisation is going to rise.

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This is especially true for the millennial generation. Connect with Erik on LinkedIn. This is often the case for senior management appointments. If an organisation has a good employee base, then it can choose an employee for the vacant position from within the organisation, however, if no employee suits best on that position, then it can employ external sources of supplying personnel.

Two, it reduces the potential for bias in the hiring process. A study by Deloitte found that the half-life of technical skills is now approximately 2 years.

Finally, when your organization is on a growth trajectory and looking to expand, hiring externally is important for growing the business. Conclusion Behind the success or failure of any organisation, there is only one factor, and that is the employees of that organisation.

One of the most important reasons you need to keep introducing new talent to your organization is diversity.

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Recruitment: Internal v External Recruitment