Swades training and development lessons

Swades shows how teamwork pays, especially in the scenes where Mohan and the villagers work together to bring in electricity in Charanpur.

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The aim is to help teachers and heads see the possibility of student-centred learning practices, despite existing constraints and slowly but surely embed effective processes in each school. It is as much about the India we did not build after Independence- poverty, overpopulation, illiteracy, malnutrition, darkness still reign across parts of India. Mohan portrays a true leader in Swades. How can training help these companies to deal with these forces? It is about catharsis of basic human emotions that any man goes through while dealing with this change to change. It is amazing to note that the villagers did not accept any external fund for their work. Develop the evaluation criteria for review and selection of potential candidates. They may be totally right. In addition, development and training programs are essential for an organization to successfully train and educate their employees.

It is about life. The postman, Mela Ram and especially Kaveri amma were exceptional. So Swades is an invitation and a challenge to all young managers of India Can we change India by using our management concepts?

Swades training and development lessons

They should know their people, place them rightly to get the glimpses of success. Testimonials from teachers participating in the program The feedback provided by TTF benefits the school in many ways. Ripping on the strengths, he one by one changed all weaknesses into strengths, thereby uniting the people and bringing more kids to school. As we think about the problems of the other India, there are solutions that exist. Lets have a look at various morals of the story: Focus Mohans aim was to bring back his nanny, Kaveriamma, and he was focused. She make him realize that the Destiny of ice is to melt in its own water. Apni chaukhat ka diya giving light to neighbors' house not good Sirji We need to be more responsible and responsive on what is happening around us. People are your power Once he realizes that the only problem is the differences among people, he tries to resolve them. What India lacks is vision, will and co-ordination. There is a petition in petition online requesting for Swades to be accorded the National award. Mohan, gita and few responsible villagers changed their attitude. This includes Classroom observations of teachers, followed by feedback and Demo lessons conducted by TTF facilitators. When he does not see it lighting, instead of blaming or cursing, he finds the problem, and tries to solve it. It is an India around us that is very different from us. Generated electricity for their own village by successfully tapping the resources available to them MelaramRealized that his country needed him more and decided to stay back giving up his dream of moving to America Post MasterWanted to walk on the footsteps of Mohan to make the village a better place by getting in more basic amenities Learnings Set in modern day India, Swades tackles the issue facing the citizens of this nation at grassroots level.

What India lacks is vision, will and co-ordination. He didnt except defeat even though there were few supporters. The movie argues for: do-it-yourself Development, take Responsibility and about individual empowerment. TTF will track these schools, heads and teachers and facilitate their shift to the right.

Trained them to be self-sustainable.

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Swades: Training And Development Lessons