The early life and death of queen victoria

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Clarence's second daughter was Princess Elizabeth of Clarence who lived for twelve weeks from 10 December to 4 March and, while Elizabeth lived, Victoria was fourth in line. After several years of suffering from stomach ailments, Victoria's beloved Albert died of typhoid fever in at the age of One of the major factors that helped Britain avoid European entanglements was the marriage of Victoria's children: either directly or by marriage, she was related to the royal houses of nearly every major European power.

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A huge crowd had gathered and cheered the young couple each time they got a chance. She continued to wear mourning dress and plan elaborate monuments to her beloved husband right up until her own death more than four decades later. The couple had nine children.

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The Duke and Duchess of Kent's only child, Victoria, was born at 4. Her death heralded the end of an era. During early January, she felt weak and unwell and by the middle of the month, she started feeling drowsy, dazed and confused. Later in life, her weight ballooned, with her waist reportedly measuring 50 inches.

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New York: Viking, After several years of suffering from stomach ailments, Victoria's beloved Albert died of typhoid fever in at the age of After visiting Bertie in an attempt to persuade him against a scandalous affair, Albert had caught a chill, which then developed into typhoid fever. The couple had nine children. Surprisingly, Victoria hated being pregnant, and historians have suggested that she may have suffered from post-natal depression. Outside, the nation erupted into huge public celebration. To the King's annoyance, Victoria was enthusiastically welcomed in each of the stops.

Byhowever, Victoria had become so insistent he felt he could not resist any longer, for fear of offending her. Relying increasingly on a Scottish retainer, John Brown, Victoria developed a reputation which she did not altogether deserve for being stern and lacking in humour.

After their first meeting, she wrote: "[Albert] is extremely handsome; his hair is about the same colour as mine; his eyes are large and blue, and he has a beautiful nose and a very sweet mouth with fine teeth; but the charm of his countenance is his expression, which is most delightful.

Her strict ethics and personality have become synonymous with the era. However, in 17 years she had nine children.

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Queen Victoria: A Timeline of 9 Milestones