The fast food factories mcjobs are bad

Etzioni states in his essay that fast food jobs provide a disadvantaged status for workers in the future. Generally it's good for them as long as it doesn't take over.

mcdonalds worst

Finally, Mr. Etzioni used evidence to support the fact that teens shouldn't be working such as the Charner-Fraser study.

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What do you think? A teen-age boy bags the woman's groceries and carries them out, and another customer steps up to the register. This is a totally true statement. Now the rite of passage is beginning to get so-so reviews from adults as well as adolescents, and the revisionists have arrived. But the main problem, according to Ms. He talks about all the down sides of low end and shows with studies like A. Another revisionist, Amitai Etzioni, a professor at George Washington University and the father of three teen-age sons, concurs. It was not surprising to learn that teens working a thirty-hour week may do so in two to three days. Finally, workers can learn to manage their money by making mistakes with money before they get into the Real World. One example he gave was to create a group at the school to provide work to have a better suited environment for students. Workers will often times gain a disadvantaged status from working during school, but if they can keep up their grades it can help them in finding new jobs or getting into schools. Many people think that teens that work will benefit from learning to be responsible. Also teens try to borrow money all the time to get what they want quick.

This may be true because many of the skills taught can be learned in a very short time. Poor supervision, or no supervision, allows this unethical behavior to develop and become an established norm. What do you think? Also, workers learn many people skills that can be helpful to them in later experiences in the work force.

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For the next seven hours Betty, a high school senior, will repeat this scenario dozens of times. After a while their grades will drop and they will have no time to study. All of his use of pathos, logos, and tone makes it an effective piece to be able to analyze. A job like McDonald's would take away from school and a prosperous future. Likewise, from what he is being serious about make his work a lot more informative about the problem his is trying to lay out. Money is sometimes stolen but the majority of theft involves teens stealing food for themselves and friends. Everything he talks he back up with the use of logic behind it. Teen-agers, in fact, now form the backbone of many suburban businesses during evening and weekend hours.

This extra money can be used to pay for college in the future. Etzioni uses studies in his article to show facts about what working while in school One study said that students who did not work in school had half the unemployment of those who did four years later.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Furthermore, college scholarship applications often ask for a list of jobs you have worked in the past. Though teenagers were not officially supervisors, in some establishments, supervisory duties are many times assigned to and accomplished by them. He talks about how one of his sons work at a fast food joint and how his friends were skewed by the idea of money. New reports contend that many jobs do teen-agers more harm than good, despite a strong argument that they teach responsibility and a sense of ethics November 17, By Marilyn Gardner Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor Needham, Mass. We are sorry for any inconvenience. You learn about lots of people and you learn about yourself. From it, instead gain life skills instead of just saying I can flip a burger. I would agree that working is not a good thing for teenagers under some circumstances but at other times it is good.

Responsibility seems to be limited to punctuality. This is a totally true statement.

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