Writing a good hook for a persuasive essay

good hook sentences examples

It was a sunny winter day, as the snow started falling with huge and puffy snowflakes. It is an interesting way to start a paper on hate crime, life, existence, the universe, sense of life, moral or ethical values, etc. If the addressee of your writing is your teacher or college admission committeethey do their job by reading and assessing your essays, thus, they are very likely to keep reading till the very end, no matter what.

What would you do, if you were sure you would get away with it? For this reason, some authors prefer writing hook sentences for essays after the essay itself. Realize why you are writing this essay.

This fact can be used for writing strong hooks for essays: once you say something that most of the audience can agree on, you will have its attention.

5 types of hooks for writing

Reveal a misconception. Even the most dazzling argumentation, the brightest and the most creative ideas, represented with sophisticated language and flawless logic, can be neglected by the readers or listeners, if they are not ready to comprehend the suggested information. However, this article is focused on writing a hook; it is time to find out the ways a writer can pick the most appropriate attention grabber. The body paragraphs, regardless of their number and size, should somehow relate to the main idea of the text. Before setting out on this writing adventure, make note of your intended audience. We were sitting in the summer meadow, smiling, ambitious, young. These questions have obvious answers. So, the first question to answer before going on the writing road is: Who is my audience? Try to choose only one powerful hook as the opening sentence of paper's introduction. Are they looking to be entertained? Paragraph 3 sentences Go back to paragraph one and find your second argument. Briefly state these arguments here.

Some authors advise using hook sentences to start every paragraph of your writing. Did you hear about David Ogilvy and his timeless lessons to writing and standing out?

Good hooks for essays examples

Narrative, persuasive, argumentative, or descriptive — they all need hooks, aka grabbers to attract readers to your writing. Essay hooks can be difficult to generate, especially if you are still in the process of thesis clarification. State your opinion on the topic. Get inspiration from over , example essays. A thesis. Fiction writers, copywriters, bloggers, screenwriters, and other men of letters use this instrument to gain our interest and influence our decisions. Refer to sources your teacher would consider reliable. The main differences are in the size of the essays and the amount of investigation and data collecting that foregoes the writing itself. Section I is for your introduction. A strong argumentative essay should have a balanced assessment, persuasive language and logical structure. Mommy, do you know, what can destroy any face? Your anecdote should be short and to the point. But what does advertisement have to do with presenting your essay to the public? Humor is one of the keys to success in our life, and a good anecdote is not an exception.

Quotes, anecdotes, curious facts, striking statistics, rhetorical questions are among a great variety of helpful tools to use as hooks and prepare your audience to catch every next word. The problem is that once students start, they forget to keep the rest of the paper interesting.

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How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay