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To develop a search strategy you will need to: define and write down your research question - what is it that you are going to research? As such, the Health Sciences Library provides the following services: Consultation and support for developing search strategies. With an increase in the number of requests for literature review services involving librarians over the last several years, guidelines have been implemented to ensure that expectations of both researcher s and librarian s are met. Keywords: internet addiction, internet gaming disorder, gaming disorder, behavioral addiction, female gaming, gaming culture, narrative review Introduction Over the past two decades, the number of female video game players has increased, and females today make up half of the gaming population according to both the Entertainment Software Association ESA 1 and the Interactive Software Federation of Europe ISFE 2. Currently, there is no agreement on the prevalence of gaming addiction due to its conceptualization and methodological problems within the research that has been conducted to date. However, oftentimes dissertation candidates struggle with putting it all together. In other databases Focus may be known as something else, e. They replace zero, one or more characters in the middle of a word.

This particular section in your Chapter 2 is really a plug-and-play piece. Moreover, how gaming preference affects IGD scores across genders has been also observed 18where IGD was predicted by several variables with gender differences. This can be the evidence you need to prove a gap in the literature, and confirms the importance of your research question.

Resources What is a search strategy? All included studies were read, and key pieces of information were extracted including: sample size, recruitment process and participants, design of the study, aims, measures or tools used, main results, and the implications of the study.

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Consultation and support for searching the grey literature. Open in a separate window Study Selection and Data Extraction Following title and abstract review, duplicate papers were removed. The study tried to get a better understanding of sex differences relating to biological mechanisms underlying IGD, a proposed mental health disorder included in the final section of the latest fifth Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 by the American Psychiatric Association Studies which do not specifically consider gaming or gaming culture Design Theoretical e.

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You will find an article if you use the same terminology as the author s. AND narrows down your results and makes your search more specific.

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Extend authorship rights to the librarian based upon criteria provided in the Tiered Service Model see below , in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ICMJE for defining the roles and responsibilities of authors and contributors. Moreover, achievement and social motivations were predictors of IGD and daily time spent online Findings showed female gamers report self-objectification and consequently perceive low levels of self-efficacy, which was corroborated by both genders e. Nest search terms to control the logic of your search. Resources What is a search strategy? Include: The names of the sources you search and which provider you accessed them through - eg Medline Ovid , Web of Science Thomson Reuters. Are the author's arguments supported by evidence e. Consequently, there is a gap in knowledge regarding female gaming from a gender perspective, including its nature, benefits, and potential risks to individual and community health.
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